Individual investor

Отдельное лицо или семья, владеющие ценными бумагами.

См. тж.: Institutional investor; Investment income; Securities; Speculative income.

Economics: Англо-русский словарь-справочник
Долан Э. Дж., Домненко Б.И.

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Finding the Hot Spots: 10 Strategies for Global Investing Finding the Hot Spots: 10 Strategies for Global Investing Praise for FINDING THE HOT SPOTS "David Riedel's Finding the Hot Spots provides keen insights into the new reality of investing with a global perspective. Internationally diversified investment portfolios reduce risk while enhancing returns, as many American-based individual and institutional investors have discovered in recent years. Riedel succeeds in providing simple, effective tools and strategies." —J. Craig Chapman Managing Director, Long-Term Asset Management (HK) Limited "Finding the Hot Spots simplifies and demystifies international investing and makes non-U.S. markets alluring and accessible . . . a must-read for all individual investors." —John D. Meserve Chairman, BNY Jaywalk, Inc. "Anyone considering investing in emerging markets should begin by reading David Riedel's Finding the Hot Spots. This excellent book explains how to reap the benefits while avoiding the risks of investing in the world's fastest growing...
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High–Flying Adventures in the Stock Market High–Flying Adventures in the Stock Market Praise for High–Flying Adventures in the Stock Market "Most Americans know mutual funds only by their performance numbers. In High–Flying Adventures in the Stock Market, Molly Baker takes us inside the fund industry to give us a compelling and intimate look at the human drama of running a fund."–Douglas K. Sease, Editor, Wall Street Journal Books "Baker uses the eye for detail she acquired as a reporter for the Wall Street Journal to explain the high–pressure world of the money manager in laymen?s terms. For those seeking a readable, inside account of the ?90s historic stock market boom, this is a book to add to the portfolio."–Dana Milbank, Staff Writer, The Washington Post "A wonderful read–Baker takes you through a year in the life of a fund manager–it?s so well conceived and written that you?ll think you were there too. Individual investors who manage their own money should put this book in their portfolio. Informative, educational, and great fun."–Larry...
IPOs for Everyone IPOs for Everyone "Renaissance Capital has an edge . . . they provide first–rate research."–Jay Ritter, Professor of Finance, University of Florida EXPERT ADVICE FOR IPO SUCCESS "The Rosetta Stone of individual investors trying to understand how IPOs fit into our free market capital system and how to profit from IPOs."––Mario Gabelli, Gabelli Asset Management IPOs are here to stay and savvy investors need to incorporate them into their long–term investment strategy. According to expert authors Linda Killian, Kathleen Smith, and Bill Smith, founders of Renaissance Capital and the IPO+ Aftermarket Fund, IPO success lies in using the right strategies to choose the winners and avoid the losers. Features of IPOs for Everyone include: ? The authors? 12 secrets to choosing and investing in IPOs ? Inside knowledge of the IPO market ? IPO terminology and sources Take advantage of the expertise in this invaluable book–and get in on the ground floor of today?s most...
The Financial Numbers Game: Detecting Creative Accounting Practices The Financial Numbers Game: Detecting Creative Accounting Practices Praise for The Financial Numbers Game "So much for the notion ?those who can, do?those who can?t, teach.? Mulford and Comiskey function successfully both as college professors and real-world financial mercenaries. These guys know their balance sheets. The Financial Numbers Game should serve as a survival manual for both serious individual investors and industry pros who study and act upon the interpretation of financial statements. This unique blend of battle-earned scholarship and quality writing is a must-read/must-have reference for serious financial statement analysis." ??Bob Acker, Editor/Publisher, The Acker Letter "Wall Street?s unforgiving attention to quarterly earnings presents ever increasing pressure on CFOs to manage earnings and expectations. The Financial Numbers Game provides a clear explanation of the ways in which management can stretch, bend, and break accounting rules to reach the desired bottom line. This arms...
Financier: The Biography of Andre Meyer: A Story of Money, Power, and the Reshaping of American Business Financier: The Biography of Andre Meyer: A Story of Money, Power, and the Reshaping of American Business Fortune magazine deemed him "the most important investment banker in the Western world". A ferociously energetic, charming, and ruthless businessman, he had, by the age of forty, helped save the foundering auto giant Citroen, established France's first consumer finance company, and been awarded the Legion of Honor. He was a trusted adviser of the Kennedys and an intimate of Lyndon Johnson, William Paley, and Katharine Graham. His numerous business accomplishments included the building or revitalizing of such corporate giants as Avis, Holiday Inns, Warner-Lambert, and Engelhard Minerals & Chemicals. One of the world's savviest individual investors, he amassed a personal fortune of well over $200 million, yet to his dying day never gave up the search for the ultimate buck. Andre Meyer, "The Picasso of Banking", was all this—and much more. A man of seemingly endless contradictions, he was respected and admired by many, scorned and disliked by many others. In this...
Funds of Hedge Funds: Performance, Assessment, Diversification, and Statistical Properties (Quantitative Finance) Funds of Hedge Funds: Performance, Assessment, Diversification, and Statistical Properties (Quantitative Finance) With about $450 billion in assets, funds of hedge funds are the most recent darling of investors. While hedge funds carry high risk for the promise of high returns they are designed for the very rich and for large institutional investors such as pension funds. A Fund of Hedge Funds (FOF) spreads investments among a number of hedge funds to reduce risk and provide diversification, while maintaining the potential for higher than average returns. Odds are that some pension fund of yours is invested heavily in these products, and more recently these FOFs have been opened to more and more individual investors in offshore jurisdictions with lower minimum entry levels. Since this is a new and extremely fast-moving financial phenomenon, academic research has just begun in earnest, and this is the first book to present rigorous academic research by some of the leading lights in academic finance, carefully analyzing the broad array of issues involved in FOFs. * With over $450 billion...
Madoff: The Man Who Stole $65 Billion Madoff: The Man Who Stole $65 Billion Take the combined fortunes of Bill Gates, Tiger Woods and Roman Abramovich. Now imagine someone stealing that much money - and being hailed as a financial genius. That man is Bernard Madoff. Backed by governments and global banks, Madoff defrauded $65 billion from charities and individual investors including Stephen Spielberg. Finally turned in by his own sons, Madoff opened his door in his dressing gown to be arrested by the FBI. Eleven charges and eleven guilty verdicts later he swapped his penthouse for a prison cell. Only $1 billion was left. "Madoff" is the first definitive account of the rise and fall of the biggest fraudster ever. It's a story of greed, betrayal and lies, of remorseless risk-taking, family tragedy and financial disaster. Investigative reporter Erin Arvedlund was the first to expose Madoff back in 2001, but Wall Street and the world didn't listen. In this astonishing book she answers the crucial unsolved questions: why and when did Madoff turn...
Income Investing Today Income Investing Today Income Investing Today Income Investing Today details a safe alternative to the downside risks inherent in the stock market—income securities that can provide a 7% to 8% annual cash income. With this book, fixed income expert Richard Lehmann outlines income investing concepts you need to understand, various investment vehicles, and investment strategies that will help you build a safe, diversified portfolio of investments. The investment vehicles he explains range well beyond traditional fixed income securities or creditor instruments such as bonds, to include hybrids, REITs, mutual funds, and more. He shows that the key to building a steady, growth–oriented income portfolio is to diversify over a variety of securities that depend on different drivers—that is, portfolios that are not vulnerable to any one specific economic factor such as interest rates. The ideal guide for individual investors saving for retirement and seeking more safety in their portfolios, Income...
Fundamentals of Investments + Self-Study CD + Stock-Trak + S&P + OLC with Powerweb Fundamentals of Investments + Self-Study CD + Stock-Trak + S&P + OLC with Powerweb Book DescriptionFundamentals of Investments was written to: 1. Focus on students as investment managers, giving them information they can act on instead of concentrating on theories and research without the proper context. 2. Offer strong, consistent pedagogy, including a balanced, unified treatment of the main types of financial investments as mirrored in the investment world. 3. Organize topics in a way that makes them easy to apply--whether to a portfolio simulation or to real life--and support these topics with hands-on activities. The approach of this text reflects two central ideas. First, there is a consistent focus on the student as an individual investor or investments manager. Second, a consistent, unified treatment of the four basic types of financial instruments--stocks, bonds, options, and futures--focusing on their characteristics and features, their risks and returns, and the markets in which they trade.