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Современный экономический словарь
Райзберг Б.А., Лозовский Л.Ш., Стародубцева Е.Б.

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Уплата налогов и сборов. Как получить отсрочку Уплата налогов и сборов. Как получить отсрочку Эта книга написана с учетом изменений в налоговом законодательстве, действующих с 1 января 2008 г. Согласно этим изменениям установлен новый порядок, регламентирующий процедуру организации внутриведомственной работы налоговых органов по рассмотрению заявлений о предоставлении отсрочек, рассрочек, инвестиционных налоговых кредитов. Издание адресовано в первую очередь руководителям, бухгалтерам, главным бухгалтерам, а также специалистам экономических служб организаций.
Налог на прибыль Налог на прибыль Освещается широкий круг вопросов исчисления и уплаты нало-К71 га на прибыль по результатам деятельности организаций за 2001 г. и предыдущие налоговые периоды. Подробно изложен порядок предоставления отсрочек, рассрочек, налогового кредита, инвестиционного налогового кредита, списания безнадежной задолженности по налогам, реструктуризации задолженности по налогам, штрафам и пеням, который можно применять в отношении налога на прибыль предприятий и организаций в 2001 г. С 1 января 2001 г. вводится в действие 25 глава НК РФ, поэтому в настоящем издании отражен ряд вопросов, касающихся переходного периода в уплате налога на прибыль организаций.
Законы Паркинсона Законы Паркинсона Издание 1989 года. Сохранность очень хорошая. В новый сборник вошли памфлеты из уже известных читателю книг "Закон Паркинсона", "Свояки и чужаки". Сборник дополнен не публиковавшимися ранее памфлетами из книг "Закон отсрочки", "Мышеловка на меху" и других.
Tasty Profits: Guide to QuickBooks for Restaurants Tasty Profits: Guide to QuickBooks for Restaurants Stop Paying Monthly Accounting Fees! A simple guide and software to using QuickBooks(R) in your restaurant. Customized transactions including daily sales, inventory adjustments and house charges. Track and pay sales taxes automatically. Instantly generate profit and loss, balance sheet, food and bar cost reports, labor costs, and management-only internal reporting. No more guessing. Have all of the up to date information you need to run your restaurant profitably.
Essentials of Payroll: Management and Accounting Essentials of Payroll: Management and Accounting ESSENTIALS OF PAYROLL Full of valuable tips, techniques, illustrative real-world examples, exhibits, and best practices, this handy and concise paperback will help you stay up to date on the newest thinking, strategies, developments, and technologies in payroll. "Steven has done it again. Payroll seems and is complicated to the average executive who is the decision-maker. In the past, there has not been a source for understanding the technical and practical applications of payroll.Essentials of Payroll covers each area of payroll from the initial forms in the employee file to details about payment options, deposits, and problems such as termination, manual checks, and integration with general ledger. I think this should be required reading for those executives who supervise personnel and payroll functions." –Gail W. Sevier, CPA Marrs, Sevier & Company LLC "Creating effective procedures, maintaining policies, and streamlining operations are...
Power Up Your Profits : 31 Days to Better Selling Power Up Your Profits : 31 Days to Better Selling This book is also available in CD format for the same price of $59.00. There are 10 CDs total.
Financial Accounting, Working Papers Financial Accounting, Working Papers Available Now! Get the Study Guide designed to ensure your success in Financial Accounting! This study guide is a powerful tool for in classroom use and for preparing for exams. Each chapter of the guide includes study objectives, a chapter review consisting of 20-30 key points, and a demonstration problem linked to study objectives in the textbook. True/false, multiple-choice, and matching questions provide additional practice opportunities. Solutions to the exercises are detailed and therefore provide substantial feedback.
Managing Financial Resources, Third Edition (CMI Diploma in Management Series) Managing Financial Resources, Third Edition (CMI Diploma in Management Series) Managing Financial Resources addresses the complicated issues of financial planning and control. These include performance measures and cost analysis, methods of improving profitability and techniques of financial monitoring and control. Real examples and case studies are used throughout to illustrate points in a practical context. All chapters have been updated and new material has been added to extend the original text in areas such as public sector management issues, audit commission, capital investment decisions, stakeholder analysis for published reports and accounts, performance measurement, outsourcing, new developments in the public sector and transfer pricing. This book is based on the Management Charter Initiative's Occupational Standards for Management NVQs and SVQs at level 4. It is particularly suitable for managers on the Diploma in Management or part 1 of the Postgraduate Diploma, especially those accredited by the Chartered Management Institute and...
Succeeding in Business in Central and Eastern Europe, A Guide to Cultures, Markets, and Practices Succeeding in Business in Central and Eastern Europe, A Guide to Cultures, Markets, and Practices In Central and Eastern Europe, the 'Old Europe' of cobblestones co-exists with mobile phones, horse carts fight for road space with cars, and farmers' markets compete with mega-stores. Western business professionals hoping to expand or start up new ventures in this complex environment must possess knowledge that is both comprehensive and subtle. What is it like to live and work in Central and Eastern Europe? How is business conducted there? What happened in Central and Eastern Europe to make integration into the rest of Europe so difficult? What important social and cultural issues must be mastered by Westerners hoping to flourish in this region? 'Succeeding in Business in Central and Eastern Europe', the fourteenth title in the 'Managing CulturalDifferences Series' answers these and many other questions. This book identifies a variety of factors, including an anti-business attitude and a resistance to Western-style change, that hinder some attempts at development...
Global Accounting and Control : A Managerial Emphasis Global Accounting and Control : A Managerial Emphasis "International Bulletins" provide current and relevant side bars to enliven discussion and enhance learning. * Exercises and cases are provided at the end of every chapter.