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The Melting Pot in Israel: The Commission of Inquiry Concerning Education in the Immigrant Camps During the Early Years of the State The Melting Pot in Israel: The Commission of Inquiry Concerning Education in the Immigrant Camps During the Early Years of the State This volume combines a translation of substantial portions of one of the most important documents in the early history of Israel-the Government commission of inquiry concerning education in the immigrant camps, appointed in 1950-with analysis of the ensuing public debates and repercussions, and their meaning for Israeli society today. Using extensive historical research, Zameret traces the development of political and social processes in the early years of Israel's existence and points to their far-reaching and decisive implications for contemporary Israeli society, including the rise of Shas, the political party created by ultra-Orthodox Oriental Jews.
The Federal Trade Commission since 1970: Economic Regulation and Bureaucratic Behavior The Federal Trade Commission since 1970: Economic Regulation and Bureaucratic Behavior To those who study or work in government regulation of business, the Federal Trade Commission has been of intense interest since 1969. Regarded before 1969 as dormant and ineffective, the FTC has become widely viewed as a major agency focusing on problems that affect most American consumers and businesses.
Equilibrium: The Works of Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners Equilibrium: The Works of Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners A leading British architectural presence since the 1980s, the Nicholas Grimshaw practice has truly emerged on the world-scene in the 1990s, responsible for a variety of high-profile commissions in the UK, Europe and the Far East, famously including Waterloo International Terminal in London. This third volume of the latest work of the practice, demonstrating its emphasis on structural finesse and the employment of the latest technology, features - among other projects - the Eden Project in Cornwall funded by the Millennium Commission, the Ludwig Erhard Haus, Berlin and the A Coruna art gallery in Spain. The monograph shows the consolidation of the practice's work and points towards its further exciting development. Формат: 26 см х 25,5 см.
Charles Schwab: How One Company Beat Wall Street and Reinvented the Brokerage Industry Charles Schwab: How One Company Beat Wall Street and Reinvented the Brokerage Industry May 1, 1975 - Despite predictions of calamity and chaos from the high-priced, well-entrenched brokerage industry, the SEC formally abolishes fixed brokerage commission rates. In San Francisco, thousands of miles from Wall Street both literally and figuratively, a one-office firm triumphantly offers no sales commission brokers providing conflict-free discount brokerage services to all investors. The rest is history. Over the past quarter-century, Charles Schwab & Co. has grown to become one of the world's largest and most influential financial institutions, holding over $850 billion in client assets in nearly eight million active accounts. Charles Schwab himself has become synonymous with the brokerage industry. But who is Charles Schwab? And how did his unique combination of deeply felt values, disgust over the mistreatment of investors by traditional brokerage firms, and never-say-die moxie make him one of the most beloved - and accomplished - figures in the history of...
Sarbanes-Oxley Act Sarbanes-Oxley Act The Sarbanes-Oxley Act is a mandatory requirement for all corporations listed in the US. Compliance is not an option. This book is written as a working manual for the senior management to grasp the Act and its implications. It provides a section by section overview of the Act and the appropriate action to take in each case. The CDROM included in the book provides Certification templates, a What to do and Check List and a description of the COSO Framework the most popular Internal Control System framework. There is coverage of how UK companies listed in, or doing business with America also have to comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. A description of the UK version of SOX is also included. The Appendix describes the (minor) variations for Canadian listed corporations based on Ontario Securities Commission and British Columbia Securities Commission rules. * A simple explanation of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act for senior management looking for a no-nonsense...
21 Secrets For Irrigation Contractors 21 Secrets For Irrigation Contractors As part of Weathermatic's 50th Anniversary, we have commissioned Robin Tulleners to prepare this unique business guide for the irrigation industry. This guide was written with the sole purpose of helping the irrigation contractor stay in business. The industry statistics point to an alarming 90% failure rate by the year 2000. In addition, most contracting companies build few or no assets to pass on to their heirs of the company founder. The reason for this appalling failure rate is not that contractorsare poor installers, they simply lack the training in management and sales techniques to sustain their business. It is Weathermatic's goal to partner with irrigation contractors that are interested in building and realizing a successful future.
The Blackwell Encyclopedic Dictionary of Marketing The Blackwell Encyclopedic Dictionary of Marketing The Blackwell Encyclopedic Dictionary of Marketing provides clear, concise, up to the minute, and highly informative definitions and explanations of the key concepts covering the whole of the fast-changing field of contemporary marketing. Bringing together specially commissioned and carefully edited entries, this will become the standard reference for students, researchers, academics, and practitioners. The Dictionary has been carefully designed to give both the expert and the newcomer overviews and succinct presentations of the most important traditional and contemporary issues in marketing. With entries ranging from extended explorations of major topics to short definitions of key terms, this major reference work gives the user: Authoritative and comprehensive coverage of the whole field including the marketing environment, marketing management, consumer behaviour, segmentation, organizational marketing, pricing, communications, retailing and distribution, product management, market...
When Growth Stalls: How It Happens, Why You When Growth Stalls: How It Happens, Why You're Stuck, and What to Do About It One of the toughest lessons every business leader learns is how hard it is to generate sustained growth. Stalled growth is the rule, not the exception--even for the best-managed companies. That's especially true in unpredictable economic environments such as the one we're experiencing today. McKee has a unique understanding of what happens when growth stalls. His firm commissioned a study of 700 companies that had at one time been among the nation's fastest-growing businesses. Developed in concert with Decision Analyst, a leading national research and consulting firm, the study probed areas as diverse as corporate structure, competition, branding, finance, and strategy. The target respondent profile were CEOs, owners, principals, presidents, managing directors or chairmen of the board. In-depth follow-up interviews yielded fascinating stories and personal comments from executives who had been living on the front lines of real-life growth crises. McKee presents compelling...
Trust Within and Between Organizations: Conceptual Issues and Empirical Applications Trust Within and Between Organizations: Conceptual Issues and Empirical Applications This original book is the first to offer a wide-ranging study of trust within and between organizations from the perspective of several social and management sciences. The specially commissioned contributions, many from well-known experts combine theoretical analysis of problems around trust with empirical study in a range of different organizations in contexts such as China, Japan, India, the US, as well as several European countries. The wide theoretical scope, together with the range of organizationalsettings and the rich empirical detail of behavior around trust and opportunism, make this an important and instructive volume.
Sport Marketing Sport Marketing "Sport Marketing, Third Edition", the latest version of the leading sport marketing text, directs students to a better understanding of the theoretical backbone that makes sport marketing such a unique and vibrant subject to study. The text has been thoroughly updated with a comprehensive ancillary package, new examples and perspectives from the field, and the latest information about marketing in the burgeoning sport industry. Using real-world examples and an engaging writing style, the distinguished authors provide valuable new material about key areas in sport marketing that prepares students for careers in the industry. The following are updates to the new edition: Foreword written by David J.Stern, Commissioner of the National Basketball Association. A new chapter on branding and how to apply it in a sport context, including examples of successful efforts. A greatly expanded chapter on research in sport marketing, recognizing recent...