Темы докладов и рефератов

  1. Управленческое консультирование нововведений (управление изменениями). Понятие и цели.
  2. Инструменты менеджера при введении нововведений и осуществлении изменений.
  3. Внедрение нововведений в системе управления персоналом. Основные этапы и трудности. Отечественный и зарубежный опыт.
  4. Проект организации работы предприятия по реализации нововведений в работе с персоналом.
  5. Теория изменений социолога Курта Левина. Правило «счастливой семерки» Г.В. Миллера (с поправкой на индивидуальные возможности).
  6. Особенности в системах управления инновационными фирмами.
  7. Инновационная культура как особая форма человеческой культуры.


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62  |Контрольные вопросы и задания - Инновационный кадровый менеджмент 64  |Тема 6. Правовое регулирование инновационной деятельности - Инновационный кадровый менеджмент
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Rebel with a Cause : The Entrepreneur Who Created the University of Phoenix and the For-Profit Revolution in Higher Education Rebel with a Cause : The Entrepreneur Who Created the University of Phoenix and the For-Profit Revolution in Higher Education
The Essence Of Provence : The Story Of L The Essence Of Provence : The Story Of L'Occitane
I I'd Like the World to Buy a Coke : The Life and Leadership of Roberto Goizueta Robert Goizueta created more stockholder wealth than anyone in history. Here's how he did it... The late Roberto Goizueta helped catapult the successful but stagnant Coca-Cola into the world's most powerful brand and one of the greatest generators of stockholder wealth in history. At the time of his death, he was hailed in papers around the world as one of the most innovative and successful CEO's of our time. Yet little is known of this corporate maverick. This is his story.
Chrysler: The Life and Times of an Automotive Genius (Automotive History and Personalities) Chrysler: The Life and Times of an Automotive Genius (Automotive History and Personalities) Here is a richly detailed account of one of the most important men in American automotive history, based on full access to both Chrysler Corporation and Chrysler family historical records. Chrysler emerges as a man who loved machines, an accomplished mechanic who also had highly developed managerial skills derived from half a lifetime on the railroads, a man whose success came from his deep understanding of engineering and his total commitment to the quality of his vehicles. Vincent Curcio traces Chrysler's rise from a locomotive wiper in a Kansas roundhouse to the head of the Buick Division of General Motors, to his rescue of the Maxwell-Chalmers car company, which led to the successful development of the 1924 Chrysler--the world's first modern car--and the formation of Chrysler Corporation in 1925. Chrysler was quite different from the other auto giants--a colorful and expansive man, deeply involved in the design of his cars, a maverick in establishing his headquarters in New...
Friends in High Places : The Rise and Fall of Clark Clifford Friends in High Places : The Rise and Fall of Clark Clifford For more than forty years, Clark Clifford was Washington's consummate Democratic power broker - attorney and adviser to the nation's most influential leaders. His 1991 memoir, Counsel to the President, looked back on a remarkable career of public service. But the very year his autobiography was published, the Clifford legend began to crumble. Caught up in the scandal that destroyed the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, the eighty-five-year-old Clifford was arrested on charges relating to his lawfirm's involvement with the outlaw bank. Though his case never went to trial, and his protege, Robert Altman, was found not guilty, Clifford's reputation was in ruins. How could such a man come to such an end? What happened? And why? In Friends in High Places, a noted investigative reporter and a chief investigator in the Senate inquiry on BCCI provide the answers. Drawing on original documents, more than a hundred interviews with Clifford's friends and adversaries, and fifty hours of...
The Whitney Women and the Museum They Made The Whitney Women and the Museum They Made At a time when American millionaires and institutions invested only in European art, Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney took the risk of collecting and showing the paintings of American contemporary artists. In 1931, the institution called The Whitney Museum ofAmerican Art was officially born. After Gertrude's death in 1943, her daughter Flora took the helm, which she in turn passed on to her daughter, Flora Biddle, who here chronicles the life and times of three generations of Whitney women. Today, the museum is thriving as one of the most prestigious homes for American art.
My Experiences in War and Business My Experiences in War and Business To describe Earl Hawkins as a self-made millionaire is about as incomplete a formulation as describing a Stradivarius as a wooden box with strings. His autobiography is an American story. It is about a poor, half-blind, young boy from the back woods of West Virginia, overcoming all adversity through simple, quiet, and honest determination and making himself wealthy, to be sure, but above all, a man. It is about his experiences in a war that shaped the world in which we now live: how he joined a most unlikely outfit of the National Guard; how he fooled the medical examiner to get into the Army: how he fought for several years in the Pacific--winning the Silver Star, Bronze Star and Purple Heart. It is about a man building his own American dream, piece by piece, with honesty and integrity. It is about the habits and virtues of successful people--described in an intelligent, witty and engaging way. Foreward by Dan Quayle
Legacy : A Biography of Moses and Walter Annenberg Legacy : A Biography of Moses and Walter Annenberg Few biographers convey their subjects' business abilities and personalities with equal acuity, but Washington-based journalist Christopher Ogden has done just that in this accomplished portrait of Moses Annenberg (1877-1942) and his son, Walter. Depicting Prussian-born Moe's rise in American publishing, Ogden captures the innovative circulation gimmicks and bare-knuckled competitive tactics that fueled the success of newspapers like the The Inquirer in Philadelphia and the Daily Racing Form (the Annenbergs' cash cow). He also unsparingly but sympathetically depicts Moe's terrible temper and willed blindness to the shadiness of some of his business practices and associates, which led to a two-year jail stint for tax evasion before he came home to die. Spoiled only son Walter, born in 1908, didn't really grow up until his father's conviction shocked him into finally focusing on the family assets, which he further enhanced by creating such pioneering niche publications as ...
Achieving 100% Compliance of Policies and Procedures Achieving 100% Compliance of Policies and Procedures
E-Business & E-Commerce Infrastructure: Technologies Supporting the E-Business Initiative E-Business & E-Commerce Infrastructure: Technologies Supporting the E-Business Initiative Chaudhury's E-Business and E-Commerce Infrastructure: Technologies Supporting the E-Business Initiative serves as a comprehensive primer to both traditional and emerging E-Commerce technologies. Using the Chaudhury text, students with no prior technical knowledge will be able to grasp complex topics such as networking, Internet security, Web languages, and other important subjects in a way that illustrates their use through case studies and practice through completing Web projects.